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Pancake shapes and colours


Some of you may wonder how I make the shapes and colours for the pancakes, and how the letters, numbers and faces are made.



It’s simple, really. I found some condiment bottles meant for ketchup, mustard and mayo and filled them up with pancake batter. To fill the bottle, I usually use a measuring cup and just make a big mess. A better way  would be to use a funnel to fill the bottle, replace the lid and create away. If you happen to have several condiment bottles you can even make several different colours and make scenes for your family to eat.  With practice, I have been able to make letters, ladybugs, faces, minecraft creepers and valentines hearts, and will only be making more as I go along. 20140420_104841

For colours, so far I have used chocolate powder for brown and food colouring for the rest. I am going to be experimenting in the future with using different foods to add colours to the batters  I use, and will be bringing you right along for the journey.

I have just begun being creative with pancake plates, so bear with me as the designs get better and more fun to devour.


I will post a tutorial video as soon as possible to show how I create all the different fun plate ideas.20140420_161859

Pastry Crust (Easy Pie Pastry)


20140419_pie crust yes

I can’t believe I forgot how deliciously simple it is to make my own pie crusts!

I semi combined 2 recipes, using the technique for one and the recipe from the other. Right now, the dough is chilling in the fridge, while I decide which pies to make. I can’t decide between pumpkin, apple or banana cream. I will probably make a banana pie of some sort, as I did find a new recipe I’m trying out (and altering slightly to fit the ingredients I have on hand).

This is what I did.

I took a pound of lard (454 grams) and mixed it into a salt flour mixture  until it resembled small pea sized crumbs. I then added an egg mixed with vinegar and ice water until the dough stuck together. (I didn’t have to use it all, only about 4-5 TBSP). Then I chilled the dough for about an hour (you should chill it for at least 30 minutes) before rolling it out to fit into my pie tins. Since it made 6 discs, I will also be freezing the left over dough until I need to use it again.

If you want really flaky pastry, try to work the dough as little as possible.  Rolling it out too many times, or kneading it will make it tough. I always try to touch it as little as possible.

There is also a great way to make pastry crust using shortening, which I will use at a later time.

Check out the next post to see which pies I chose to make, and how I did it.  Have a great day.

Keep calm and bake on!


Recipe I used, from the lard packaging:

1lb chilled lard

5 1/2 cups flour,

2 tsp salt

1 large egg

1 TBSP vinegar

ice water, added to egg vinegar mixture to each one cup.



Passionate about Baking


Hey there! I’m SO happy to see you reading my blog and I hope that I can help inspire you, while I show you my journey.

Baking powder biscuits-a quick family favorite

Baking powder biscuits-a quick family favorite

So far I have touched down on a few things I enjoy making at home for me and my family to enjoy as meals and treats, but now I’m going to share with you one of  my true passions in life- baking!

I have been an avid cookie maker for years, perfecting my timing almost down to the second on my chocolate chip cookies, chewy and moist, but firm enough to keep their shape. I have made jam jam cookies, modifying the recipe without anyone even noticing. I have made countless batches of oatmeal-type cookies to finally find the perfect one-only to make it even better, and with my kids over the years I have made dozens of cut out cookies from gingerbread in the winter time to sugar cookies any time of year.

I have been able to make good enough breads and loaves, using both a bread making machine to fully from scratch by hand, and somewhere in between by using my super duper stand mixer. We have a couple of favorites, and I plan to experiment a little bit with some of the recipes I have here in my box to make them tastier, healthier and all around better.

I have tried to make cakes and cupcakes and I have never heard any complaints…but until they say “wow, that’s just like grandma used to make” to me it won’t be good enough.



I have made pie crust from scratch a total of twice in my life, and plan to try it again and again until I also perfect that recipe (of course using the tried and true recipe found on my shortening or lard packaging) and have made home made pumpkin pie the family couldn’t seem to get enough of (topped of course with real whipped cream) and even a sweet potato pie that no one could tell wasn’t pumpkin.

I really hope that over the next months I can begin to share my passion for baking, especially cookie making and decorating. I also hope to share my learning experiences as I go along trying out new recipes and methods I find along the way.