Pancake shapes and colours


Some of you may wonder how I make the shapes and colours for the pancakes, and how the letters, numbers and faces are made.



It’s simple, really. I found some condiment bottles meant for ketchup, mustard and mayo and filled them up with pancake batter. To fill the bottle, I usually use a measuring cup and just make a big mess. A better way  would be to use a funnel to fill the bottle, replace the lid and create away. If you happen to have several condiment bottles you can even make several different colours and make scenes for your family to eat.  With practice, I have been able to make letters, ladybugs, faces, minecraft creepers and valentines hearts, and will only be making more as I go along. 20140420_104841

For colours, so far I have used chocolate powder for brown and food colouring for the rest. I am going to be experimenting in the future with using different foods to add colours to the batters  I use, and will be bringing you right along for the journey.

I have just begun being creative with pancake plates, so bear with me as the designs get better and more fun to devour.


I will post a tutorial video as soon as possible to show how I create all the different fun plate ideas.20140420_161859

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