Crazy Grilled Cheese



One thing we eat here a lot (and I mean  lots) is cheese. The ones most often eaten are probably medium or mild cheddar, mozzarella and Swiss. Every once in awhile I like to expand our tastes and buy other flavored cheeses like Havarti, Monterrey jack and pepper flaked cheese.

When I first began cooking and baking I was amazed at the amounts of different types of cheeses you could actually purchase. (I always thought that Monty Python sketch bout the cheeses was a joke…) and I sometimes still am. There are certain cheeses that I will NEVER try (headcheese for one, not bashing anyone who does like it) and others I simply cannot get enough of (cheddar, old, thank you).

One thing that everyone can agree on for almost any meal is grilled cheese sandwiches, open or closed,  with soup. I will often make this on cold winter days for a nice hot lunch, or for a quick easy meal that won’t heat up the kitchen too much during the hot hot summer months. Since we eat it so often, I try to change up the sandwiches often adding tomatoes, pickles, onions (raw or slightly fries) green and/or red peppers. I also add different sauce/spreads to the sandwiches like mayonnaise and different salad dressings (usually creamy ones like ranch).

pepper flaked cheese with fried onion

pepper flaked cheese with fried onion

Here are just a few ideas to spice up the simple grilled cheese sandwich

Use different cheeses: cheddar, mozzarella, Havarti, monteray jack, Swiss or a mixture of one or more cheeses. processed cheeses even come in many flavors if you prefer not to have to slice cheese. (deli area in the grocery store also usually has pre-sliced “real” cheese.

Add onions, tomatoes, peppers, pickles or any other veggie (or even fruit like pineapple or apple slices)

Use sauces and spreads on the inside, including but not limited to mayonnaise, salad dressings, sandwich spreads, hummus and salsa

Add meats to your sandwich, like ham, pepperoni, chicken or turkey slices, bacon or anything else you want to put into a sandwich.

Enjoy the different combinations you can make, and please feel free to post your own grilled cheese creations.



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