Cooking with kids-Pancakes



The kids ask me to make pancakes so often I have the recipe memorized and doubled. I also ALWAYS make sure to  have the ingredients  on hand to make them  at all times.

I recently decided that the children should all learn to make the pancakes now, from beginning to end. Of course, my sweet DD wanted to help me first, and so it began. I had her gather all the ingredients that I needed- eggs, oil, milk, flour, baking powder, salt and sugar.

DD mixing up batter

DD mixing up batter

I use a very simple recipe, and basically for every cup of flour used, you use a cup of milk. (I have only ever used 2% or instant powdered cows milk making it, so I don’t know how they would turn out if I used other milks, or milk-type products)

I measured the wet ingredients, and the dry ingredients this time and let her mix them up herself. After a little mixing, I showed her how to test the pan for readiness by making cold water spatter on the pan. When the water dances,  it’s hot enough.

This time, I let her watch carefully while I poured the batter onto the hot pan and waited while the little bubbles formed on the top, letting us know it was time to flip them over. I then flipped them, and let them cook the rest of the way and removed them from the pan myself.

yummy way to learn letters!

yummy way to learn letters!


I think next time, she might be ready to pour the batter herself, and after trying that if she wants to I’ll let her flip them. Yes, at the young age of five. And with any luck, her big brother will learn to make them in one go, and I’ll get a nice pancake breakfast for mother’s day, sans mother’s help.

Baking with kids can be challenging,  but in the end the “training” will be worth it.20140102_094156


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