Welcome to our journey


Hello! I am writing this as my two youngest play inside their “new” (to us) Thomas the tank Engine tent/tunnel. They are pretending to be the driver, and passengers are the stuffed animals they collect along the way. The oldest is yet again visiting with his great grandpa, and as I look around the mess we call home I am thankful.

I am thankful that I have a mess to clean, thankful that I know that as the messes are being made, so are memories. They learn so much through play, and as I see them learning with each other how to get along I know I am doing the right thing.

We are home schoolers, life learners, “unschoolers”  and welcome to our journey.

I let the children lead the way, and follow along, sometimes not knowing the outcome, sometimes figuring the outcome and always learning right along side them. Some people might think that means unparenting, or not giving the kids an education.

I totally disagree.

Although in some situations there may be a neglect in some way, the way we do it is definitely rich in many ways. We provide books, videos, internet, board games, puzzles, hands on crafts, writing, drawing, painting, outings and most of all free play. We bring the kids camping and to play outside. We watch birds, noticing when the seasons change the honk of geese in the air (we are due to hear them again anytime now, signalling the for sure sign of spring finally coming). We learn about growing our own food by gardening on our small balcony. My children know where our meat comes from beyond the grocery store, even though we live in a large city.

Sometimes it looks as though we don’t do anything, that we just “play all day”. Well, what else are children supposed to be doing? Play is their work, and right now, their play is my work, too.

Have fun and enjoy the great times childhood can bring.


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