Monthly Archives: February 2014

The Great Cookie Experiment


In an attempt to make our food and family more healthy, and to try and get in more pulse foods (such as beans and lentils) I am trying an experiment using pulses in my cookie recipes.

Starting with a basic drop cookie dough adapted slightly from a recipe I found in an old cook book series, I am going to try to replace eggs, fats and sugars with alternatives without altering the taste too much. Which cookie dough will be best, or will I wind up creating my own in the process?  This is one experiment I am attempting on my own, but be assured the children will be part of the taste test crew, as well as baking crew on various other projects.

The first basic dough I used was a simple drop cookie dough, chocolate chip. I imagine these will be hard to keep the original flavor, as there aren’t many flavors in them to begin with, unlike other cookies that may have spices to liven them up and change the taste (and maybe cover up any not so good or different tastes).

I started the usual way, by creaming together the sugars and margarine. Usually I will add the eggs next, but I accidentally started adding the dry ingredients before the eggs. Lucky for me, the dough still turned out great. I then add the dry ingredients in three small batches, and mix fully. Finally I add the chocolate chips (or whatever other chip I may be using for the cookie) and drop by spoonfuls onto prepared baking sheets. I usually use parchment paper to help keep clean up quick and easy, and I also find my cookies bake more evenly on the bottom.

I will also be posting links to my youtube videos with how I did it.

I hope you enjoy this first in a series of Great Baking Experiments.